Yass Kindergarten and 1st Class (circa 1923).
Back Row: -?-, Ray Wales, Arthur Leslie, Ron Hilton, -?-, -?-, Douglas Tate, Charlie Beaver.
2nd Row from Top: Nancy Furness, Peggy Elliot, Winnie Stoneham, Elsie Dodd, -?-, Gladys Ranyard, Beth Crago, Norma Leslie
3rd Row from Top: Alec James, -?-, ? Stoneham, Charlie Dyball, -?-, ? Warner, Nicholas, Alf Smith, Gordon Mote, Tom Shea
4th Row from Top: -?-, Kevin Davis, ? Candish, Henley Davis, -?-, Dick Barber, John Leane, -?-, -?-
Front Row: ? Candish, -?-, Wilma Wildsmith, Dot Smith, Marshel, John Poignand, -?-

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