If you wish to contact me about anyone listed on this site then please click on the email option at the foot of the page.


My name is Robert Mote and welcome to my genealogy web pages. As you flip through the pages of my site I hope you find something useful for your own family tree researches. Also, I am always happy to hear from people who can provide additional information on any of the people on this web site or can extend any of the branches with new ancestors or descendants. The link to my e-mail is at the bottom of each page.


Each of my blood relatives on these web pages is identified by a Relationship To Robert Mote entry just below their parents' names.  This may show father, aunt, 1st Cousin etc.  If a person's web page does not show a relationship to me then they are probably linked to my family tree via a marriage, or as part of a cousin's family tree.  My main interest is in extending the tree and information for people who do have a relationship to me.  You can also select to view my Pedigree Chart by clicking on the Chart menu button.


I find that photographs add considerably to my interest in researching my family tree.   If you have a photograph you would like to include on a person's web page, please contact me via the e-mail link (my name) in the page footer.

My Ancestors
Gordon Mote
Albert Thomas Mote
James Frederick Mote
Martha Crossley
Jeremiah Crossley
Sarah James
Mabel Beryl Wales
Leslie James Aspland
William Middleton Aspland
Elizabeth Clarissa Teresa Martin
William John Martin
Mary Ann Farndale
Phyllis Nellie Mutch
Albert Thomas Wales


Although my personal database contains details of both living and deceased people, in the interests of privacy, the records on this site are restricted to those of deceased people only.  If you find a record for someone who is not deceased, please let me know by email. You will find an email link near the bottom of the page.


New records are added to my database only if they have a family relationship with a record already in the database.

About half the records in the database are my blood relations while the other half are related by marriage or we have cousins in common.

You may find some records that have no links to any other people. This occurs when the link is a living person and their record has been excluded from the web pages. If you are interested in a disconnected record, please contact me and I may be able to provide additional information.

I can offer no guarantees as to the accuracy of the information on this site. I have made a "best guess" in some cases and typing mistakes have certainly been known to creep in. If you identify any errors, please let me know by email. All corrections and additions are gratefully received.

People using the site to help them in their own researches should not consider the site as a SOURCE but as a GUIDE to possible answers to their research questions. Users should then seek out the appropriate documents that confirm the information for inclusion in their own family records.


If you click on a place name in a person's record the appropriate Place Index page is displayed. You may then click on the G icon to display a map showing where the place is located. You may zoom in or out on the map.


I have an alternate web site at that contains slightly less information than this site but the other site has the ability to produce reports and charts for people you select from the surname index.


As you browse the web pages you may encounter little picture icons of a camera, document pages, faces etc. The following lists the meaning of each icon.
a twin
Click on the icon to view an image/photograph
Click on the icon to view a document
Click on the icon to view more information about a place
Click on the icon to view a PDF document
This icon appears next to a name in an index if the person's record contains a photograph