My ancestors arrived in Australia quite early in the colony's history. The following table shows when the first ancestor in each of my main family lines arrived in Australia. Click on the name of a ship or person to display the relevant record.
3 May 1799BuffaloJames Thomas John Bean
4 August 1802PerseusSamuel James
16 July 1820NeptuneWilliam Wales
31 July 1827Marquis of HastingsJosiah George Swift Perks
8 June 1832JohnJeremiah Crossley
10 March 1839Royal GeorgeJohn Henry Sheather
28 September 1839Royal AdmiralWilliam Armstrong
Before 1840?William Ambrose Percival
January 1853ArgoMatthew Farndale
January 1853ArgoWilliam John Martin
30 May 1853HarrietCharles Loiterton
21 October 1858GolcondaJohn H Mutch
13 December 1867Sir Robert SaleJames Frederick Mote
25 June 1874SS SomersetshireWilliam Middleton Aspland